Writing Your Goodbye Letter to Alcohol

She is filled with joy and gratitude, and takes things one day at a time. She doesn’t judge me, get jealous, or fill my head with empty promises. She has lots of friends that she’s helped before and they’ve turned their lives around. Some took longer than others but they all help each other goodbye to alcohol letter because they’ve been where I am today. Her name is Recovery and she makes me feel good about myself…as a Person, a Father, a Spouse, and a Friend. If you write your letter as part of an addiction treatment group or in a counseling session, you may be able to share it with others.

goodbye to alcohol letter

The first few days were the worst. After a while, you started to tell me that I didn’t need anyone else. I should abandon my friends, shut out my family. You advised me that I was too smart for school. Yet, I can not help but feel that I wish I had never met you. So, thanks for everything and nothing all at once, heroin. Talking about my past and my path to recovery has been healing; but this is my last goodbye letter to addiction. And this time, I am staying clean.

Writing Your Own Letter

Remember the fights caused by one too many, the missed opportunities from being high, or the family events ruined by intoxication. The addiction isn’t worth what you’ve lost. While our clinical team recommends therapeutic writing, we also know there is more to accomplish for Sober House a successful recovery. Resurgence Behavioral Health will assess your unique needs and design a treatment plan individualized for you. Mental health and recovery are important topics to discuss to end the stigma. I am here to talk about my experiences and hope to help others.

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I am not going to stop spreading a message of hope. I consider myself lucky because I didn’t lose my life for you. Unfortunately, I know many who did perish at your hand. They were unable to break free from you.

DP Challenge Fit to Write…A Double Life

For more information about how our resources may or may not be used, see our help page. Please don’t call me, don’t reach out. We both know our relationship ends in only one place. I knew it wasn’t right, you weren’t right, but I just kept going back for more. You convinced me that if I couldn’t have you, nothing mattered—not my family, my girls, my life, not even Me. You told me there was no Me without you. So nagging and convincing, you got me every time. I believed the next time would be different. The more I tried, the harder and harder it got to walk away.

I wanted to post it because I know many of you out there can relate. Partly because of the damage I’ve done, and part of it is genuine grieving for the lost of my lifetime partner, Alcohol. My support, goodbye to alcohol letter my rock, my everything. In recovery, pain creeps up now and again. Pain that has been suppressed is rising to the top and I have nowhere to run. Best wishes to all of you in the struggle.

For a while, everything seemed fine. We had a great relationship and you did exactly that. I wrote this letter a couple of weeks into my recovery. So addiction,I say good bye.I have a lot to live for and you are not part of it. There will be times when you try to creep back in but I will dig deep and always remember what brought me to this place.You will Not bring me down again. For many reasons,I began to rely on you more.You became a good friend,a friend that was there to console me,to feel good about life and myself. You never doubted me,but it came to the point where I as doubting myself. I will remember each day how I let you take over my life and what I need to do to keep you from doing it again. So you grew on me and I came to rely on you for support for everything. You began to take over my own thoughts and actions.

You know they don’t serve alcohol in the park. Worst of all, you have a serious jealousy streak in you, bordering on psychotic. How could you come between my family and me? You couldn’t handle even a few special days off so others could shine. I hope you won’t come back to alcohol again. I still attend the meetings and read here. I do this because I have got so much from Smart that maybe I can tell my story and give someone hope. Hope that I was looking for in the beginning of my recovery. I am learning the tools to cope.I am making my own rules.I am in charge of my future.Me and only Me.Not you.

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